2009 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park

Brooklyn Brewery tent

Main indoor stage

Tiye Phoenix gets ready for her set

Wes Jackson - Executive Director of BHF 2009

Crazy DJ Bazarro fires up the music

Tiye Phoenix performing "TIYEtanium"

Fly Phoenix

Torae spits his lyrics from the side

Marco Polo & Torae hit the stage

Marco Polo & Torae performing songs from their album "Double Barrel"

Tiye & Dogmatic

Mr. Boom Box

Entrance to the performance venue & food vendors

Donny Goines interviewed by local media

Brooklyn Bridge shot from inside the brick structure

The rainy day tent

Dead Prez

People packed under the tent. Notice all the umbrellas in the background. It rained on and off all day.

Documenting the day

Crowd amps out to the sounds of Dead Prez

View of the festival area looking west

View of the water [right of previous picture]

Bridge to Manhattan [right of previous picture]

Looking east back to the streets [right of previous picture]

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